Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A Not So Baby Nursery

I'm so excited to share my completed nursery! Our bambino is scheduled to arrive early next week, but we're hoping he comes sooner.
When I set out to design this room, I had big plans. I envisioned painting the floors and walls, installing a bit of wall mounted shelving, and even hanging fabric from the ceiling. BUT...there was a teeny tiny wrench in my plans.
We decided to put our house up for sale. Making all of those changes didn't seem so appealing anymore. Especially not to my husband.
Here is a before photo of the room as the realtor took it.
And here is the newly finished nursery.
After much thought and deliberation, we ended up loving and leaving the color on the walls and the floor. A trip to IKEA sealed the deal. The dresser, window panels, crib, rug and blanket were all purchased in one day. We love the feel of the modern print and colors.
It took some serious searching to find an appropriately sized upholstered rocker. We were thrilled when we found this at a local furniture shop. It was pink and green in the store, so the fact that the color came out perfectly is really just a stroke of good luck!
The light and piggy bank are both from my favorite, Home Goods.  White lamps add serious style and sophistication to any room. What baby wouldn't love that?
We love the whimsy of the prints and the baby mobile. I found the inspiration for the prints on Pinterest. I wasn't crazy about the price ($40.00 for each print is a tad out of my budget), so using Word and purchasing $20.00 frames from Target, I made my own. I love the way they turned out!
The baby mobile came from Etsy!

The Cube cannot be underestimated. Organization and style at a reasonable price? Sign me up!
The gang's all here and waiting for the man of the hour!! 

 I know I'm happy with the decor, but I'm curious to find out how functional the room is. Living in a small space means we need to maximize every inch for functionality. Based on the amount of  baby materials we have already accumulated pre-birth, I am anticipating a need for creative and stylish storage. I'll keep my eyes peeled!!