Monday, April 2, 2012

How Did I Get Here?

My earliest memories of planning out my outfits for the week date back to kindergarten. It started when my Mom put me in a brown jumper and put my hair in a deep side part with a plastic white barrette that pulled my bangs far out of my face, but flat to my head. I hated it. I stomped and stormed my way to school, crying the whole way. I had my own five year old dreams of what was hip and did not want to be caught dead in what she had thrown together. Luckily, I was the youngest of five girls. While I didn't always have the newest clothes, I certainly had the largest selection!
Fast forward 25 years and I'm still stomping and storming in the morning. Trust me, some days I wish I just didn't care what I wore. But it just ain't so. Dressing up is half the reason I wake up in the morning. If only I could stick to the ensemble I put together the night before. C'est la vie. I'm work in progress ya'll. Thank heaven for blogs and Pinterest!
If you're looking for inspiration, education, or just a good laugh (at my expense) about the latest and greatest fashion trends, then I invite you to follow this page.

Here's where it all began. A Fashion Story.

Grade 1: Loving my pierced ears and the matching shirt and short combo. The bangs made the look.

Grade 2: I was not required to wear a uniform to school. ???

Grade 3: Stripes and neon. Is nothing new?

Grade 4: I would have worn this dress everyday if I could have. Note to self: find a dress you LOVE.

Grade 5: Proud moment. Rockin' the bibs, bangs, and mock t-neck. Perfection.

Grades 6-12 were as awkward for me as they were for you. One picture sums it up.

The awkward high school phase was followed by an awkward college hippie phase. Many a brave pair of jeans lost their seams.

The turning point in my style. I left the hippie in BG and moved back home.
Over the next 9 years I worked as a bartender, student, personal trainer, and teacher. My wardrobe did too.

Guess that's why I learned to be the savvy shopper I am today; filled with a wealth of knowledge regarding stretching that all-American dollar to fit my every fashionable need.

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