Thursday, April 26, 2012

Spring Break 2012!

We like to travel.

In the midst of a long winter, there is nothing better than going somewhere anywhere warm.

This spring break's destination: Scottsdale, Arizona!

I won't kill you with boredom today by showing you ALL of the pictures we took.

I'll spread the torture over several days.

Now then, day 1: Camelback Mountain 

A beautiful and strenuous experience all in one. We weren't particularly prepared for the level of difficulty of this rock climbing experience (we both wore nike running shoes), but the beauty of the overwhelming views made up for the terrifying climb.

 Oh so naive.
"We should do this twice, it's only 1.2 miles to the top."
Sooooo typical of my overachieving self.

"This is so beautiful! We're 20 minutes in. Not long til we should be at the top"
So. Wrong.

 "Ok, now, here comes the good stuff.
Thank goodness. I was starting to think we may not get a good workout."

 "I have to do what?
Pull myself up this hill by holding on to a metal pole? What the....?"

"I'll let you lead for a little bit....
I just need to enjoy the view."

"Hmmm.  You weren't thirsty were you, Sweets?
Maybe we don't need to do this twice.
We've been hiking straight up for about 45 minutes now, I'm pretty sure the top is near."

"I'm getting a little nervous. Are you getting a little nervous? I saw the 1 mile marker about 10 minutes ago. How long could it possibly take to hike .2 more miles? You don't want to turn around do you? 'Cause I don't want to turn around."

"No, I'm not nervous at all. This feels completely, 100 percent, safe."

And folks, this is where the hike ends.
We were so close to top.
We made it 1.11111 miles of a 1.2 mile hike.
Alas, we are wimpolas.
We made the executvie decision to turn the train around and begin the hour long descent to the bottom. Mind you, it was just as strenuous, if not more, as the rise to the top.
Thus, not a single photo.

According to google, here is the view from the VERY top of Camelback Mountain.

We almost made it.

All joking aside, this was by far one of the most rewarding experiences my love and I have enjoyed together.

Now that's a vacation!

More to come....


  1. You have a beautiful blog with so many inspiring posts! Congrats on your work!
    Would you like to keep in touch following each other?

    1. Thanks Laura. I would love to keep in touch!