Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I Scream You Scream We all Scream!

The last thing my expanding waistline needs is smooth, flavorful, and rich ice cream made from a 12% milk and cream mixture.

Unfortunately, my soul does in fact need it, and put up a really strong argument in favor of the stuff.
So, my soul and I convinced my sweets that we needed a summer mini-date night and headed out to enjoy a marvelous sunset drive in search of the perfect cone.

We found this little gem in Richfield, Ohio. Well worth the scenic drive through the winding roads of the valley! Is there a better way to spend an evening than blasting your favorite songs on your iPod, windows down, with your love, in the summer? Not for this little lady.

Of course, I couldn't choose between the freshest Melt-in-Your-Mouth Banana and the creamy Wish-I-Had-a-Bucket-of-It Butter Pecan. So, as is my tradition with shopping, I had both! One scoop of each please!  Pure genious, I know. I could tell the 16 year old kid felt the same as I shouted my bright idea to her across the counter.  

And, just in case you're wondering. I'm wearing the $1.00 dress I purchased at the Salvation Army last summer. It made me feel very Mad Men.

 Now, if I only had a '57 Chevy.
A girl can dream.


  1. i can't believe that dress was only a dollar. you are absolutely adorable, girl! and you are really making me want an ice cream right about now.
    xo TJ

  2. Thanks TJ!! I love your blog as well!

  3. a dollar dress! that fills me with a lot of thrifty happiness.